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G.S. Express Workout System

A Complete Turn-Key Workout Package for Your New or Existing Fitness Center, Health Club or Gym

After years of being urged by professional athletes, consultants and industry insiders, the G.S. 20 Express Workout™ is now being offered as a licensing opportunity. This complete system, which works for new or existing facilities, includes one-on-one training, a complete marketing package to promote your business, and ongoing support.


  • Requires very little or no trainer/staff supervision
  • Executed and proven for 28 years
  • Comprehensive workout
  • Increase strength by 200% in 6 months
  • Men will dramatically increase muscle size and definition, women will shape and tone as the workout affects men and women differently


  • Based on HIT training principles
  • 20 minute duration
  • Certified program
  • Structured for beginners to advanced athletes
The Founder’s Club Special Discount for You

There is a time-limited opportunity for a small select group of people to participate as “Inner Circle” members of the G.S. 20 Express Workout™ Founder’s Club. These participants will receive a considerable discount off the regular franchise pricing and a high level of consulting and mentoring. Whether you are an entrepreneur wanting to open a fitness club, or a seasoned owner of a club, the Founder’s Club can be the key to success for your club.

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Call 989-732-5820 for a free club assessment for setup for the G.S. 20 Express Workout™ system. This will be based upon your location, your equipment, the needs of your members and the current layout of your facility.

A Personalized Weight Training Program without the Need of A Personal Trainer

Many people just cannot afford to have a personal trainer. The G.S. 20 Express Workout™ makes it possible to have a highly personalized training system for your fitness club or gym members, without having to use personal trainer.


“This is absolutely phenomenal.  Congratulations on such a carefully controlled accounting and validation of Eric’s amazing accomplishments under your expert instruction.  I am incredibly impressed with the results and the before and after photographs (speaking of photographs, you look fabulous in your picture with Eric).  With your permission, I would like to print out this inspirational and instructional e-mail and share your results with my college Exercise Science students.

Thank you very much for sending/sharing this information with me.  As always, I wish you continued success in all of your professional/practical/important work in the field of health and fitness.” – Wayne L. Westcott, Exercise Science, Quincy College

A Woman’s Perspective

Working Out with the G.S. 20 Express Workout System™
by Mary Ann Stempien


I met my future husband Gary Stempien in April of 1975 at a bar called the Library. Although we went to the same high school and our paths never crossed, I did recognize him as a former high school football jock.

I was a busy single mom, working two jobs and serving as den mother to my son’s Cub Scout den.

Gary was busy with his new health club business.

Our relationship developed slowly at first. At a family birthday party my aunt was selling church raffle tickets and Gary bought some. When he saw the name of the church, he commented that his family had belonged to the same church.

My aunt asked him about his last name. With his mother’s inherited Mexican features, you would not expect his last name to be the Polish name “Stempien.” It turned out that our grandmothers were best friends. And my aunt even remembered when he was born.

Our future was now cinched. We married in February 1976 and began a lifelong partnership that involved the world of fitness and health club development and health club management.

When I first got involved with Gary, I was a recreational athlete and I was very interested in Gary’s exercise equipment. I would meet him at his health club to work out (after hours-when the club was closed for the day), and I was quite amazed with the fast results I achieved in a very short workout time. This was the beginning of what is now the G.S. 20 Express Workout™ system.

Since I was getting such great results, I started to tell other women about this quick and efficient workout system. As the word spread about Gary’s workout system, busy moms and businesswomen wanted to use this fast and effective way to work out. So Gary opened the first co-ed health club in the state of Michigan, serving both women and men in the same facility. Although today most facilities are co-ed, at the time, this was quite revolutionary.

I took over the office work for Gary’s business and also attended many training sessions in exercise physiology with Gary at Arthur Jones’ ranch in Florida.

In 1983, Gary’s chain of eight health clubs in the Detroit, Michigan, metropolitan area were sold, and we moved to northern Michigan and opened a new health club where Gary continued to develop and tweak his high intensity strength-training program.

After observing the fantastic results his growing number of members experienced with his training system, Gary has decided to take his G.S. 20 Express Workout System™ to the world.

Our health club, the Nautilus Fitness Center, located in Gaylord, Michigan, will serve as the world headquarters for research, training and education.