How It Works

Our program is built around HIT training. High intensity is an established and proven protocol well established in the industry, currently used by many NFL football teams and many top colleges. We took the principles of HIT and made it work in the health club industry, designed for everyone, from beginners to world class athletes – young and old.

The workouts are roughly 20 minutes in duration. We feature up to 130 different workouts! With a built in tracking system. There are other training protocols in the industry, and they all work! But they are usually long in duration and most require many consecutive days of training. We all live in a fast paced world. Cutting Edge FitSystem/G.S. 20 Workout, is all about TIME! Time is a factor in life, and time is a factor in exercise! Our program maximizes results! And minimizes time, it is safe, effective, and is designed for everyone! Your members will embrace our “protocol”. As a result, member retention will dramatically increase, as will your referral base.

Let Cutting Edge FitSystem become a part of your business team and we will grow your business, and make you unique to your competition.

Based on Principles of High Intensity Weight Training Developed by the Legendary Arthur Jones

Over 28 years in development, the G.S. 20 Express Workout™ is based upon the principles of weight training originated by Arthur Jones, founder of Nautilus, Inc. and MedX, Inc., and developer of the Nautilus exercise machines. Arthur was a close friend and mentor for Gary Stempien, who is the the developer of the G.S. 20 Express Workout™. Their relationship goes back to the early days of Gary’s founding of a successful chain of health clubs over 30 years ago.

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The Science

Since 1948, vast amounts of fitness research has been completed and established as scientific fact. The human body cannot tolerate much exercise or the over use of exercise. Exercise when implemented correctly and in moderation, results in safe and swift results.

Sadly, as far as we have come in the fitness industry, there still remains gross misunderstanding and misinformation surrounding proper strength training. The result has been countless failed solutions whether by club owners, franchises, or equipment purchases that do not incorporate proper strength training principles and adequate interaction with club members. As a result, the members do not achieve their fitness goals. Members do not renew memberships (low club retention percentage) and club owners continue to attempt unsuccessfully to alter this equation by implementing “flash in the pan” programs and equipment solutions. Statistically member retention has remained unacceptably low.

The G.S.20 System was designed around a simple format that is absolutely effective for men and women of all ages and levels of proficiency from beginners to world class athletes. The G.S.20 System requires club staff to constantly interact with all members. It facilitates member education. If a member knows why they are following the G.S.20 Program and can document their results via the built in tracking system, they are more likely to follow through with renewal of their club membership.

In general, club members do not know how to strength train effectively. Workouts are unproductive and show poor results. Members tend to focus on cardiovascular training which is an aerobic activity that does not alter prolonged resting metabolism elevation nor provide increases in lean muscle production. Club members mistakenly use strength equipment in an aerobic manner which defeats the purpose of their workout. Strength equipment is designed for anaerobic training effect which elevates resting metabolism and production of lean muscle to a level not reached by aerobics.

If used properly strength training is an anabolic metabolic process rather than a catabolic process achieved with aerobic activity. In summary, the G.S.20 System provides a vehicle for proper strength training that gets results for club members, club owners, and ensures owner client interaction consistent with positive business models. It is the “missing link” for club success and has been termed: “the next revolution in club fitness”.

  • The routines are the same for male or female. The results however are different. Men build lean muscle at a higher rate than women, lose fat and inches, and increase flexibility and stamina. Women tone and shape, lose fat and inches, as well as acheive flexibility and endurance.
  • The G.S.20 System is based on anabolic strength training (build up of muscle system) not catabolic (break down).
  • The G.S.20 System is based on the anaerobic (without oxygen) metabolic process not aerobics (with oxygen). Anaerobic fitness training which is anabolic in nature results in prolonged elevated resting metabolism (burns fat).
  • The G.S.20 System is based on variation of exercise protocol to achieve an alteration of musculature demand and an alteration of homeostasis (the body¡¯s ability to achieve internal metabolic balance) which results in maximum lean muscle production and hypertrophy (increase in size).
  • The G.S.20 Workouts achieve ideal ¡°inroads to muscle recovery¡± that maximize rebound lean muscle production / elevation of resting metabolism.
  • 108 different workouts via beginner, intermediate, and advanced routines provide ¡°ideal variation of demand¡± which forces the body to positively influence homeostasis and sustain accelerated production of muscle, accelerated loss of fat, and sustained elevated levels of resting metabolism. This leads to satisfied members who reach their fitness goals. Satisfied members continue their club memberships (increased club retention), refer family and friends (increased referrals). This accounts for the high statistical results for G.S.20 System licensees.
  • The G.S.20 System is designed and structured to force a personal interaction during the training process between staff and club members. This heretofore was unachievable in a typical club setting without utilization of personal trainers (1-2% rate of usage) or implementation of peripheral “flash in the pan” programs which ultimately never achieves satisfaction of a member¡¯s fitness goals.
  • The G.S.20 System utilizes concepts of ¡°bilateral effect¡±, ¡°indirect effect¡±, anaerobic strength training, anabolic based muscle production, and accelerated elevation of resting metabolism, in a short 20 minute workout which supplants multi-set weight facilitated strength protocols.
  • All G.S.20 Trainers & Licensees participate in a G.S.20 training course and are certified to properly implement the G.S. 20 System.