Are You Considering Developing A New Fitness Center, Health Club or Gym?

Are you looking for a business opportunity to build your own fitness club? We can help you with the actual design of your facility to optimize it for the G.S. 20 Express Workout™ system.


Do You Want Your Club or Gym Stand Out from the Competition?

A key to business success is making your fitness club or gym unique. By offering the G.S. 20 Express Workout™, you will set yourself apart from the competition in your area. You will be able to offer a special service to your members that will help them achieve their fitness goals in the most efficient manner.


THE G.S. 20 Express Workout System™ Gets Results for Your Customers

The G.S. 20 Express Workout™ is a unique and powerful High Intensity Training (HIT) system that will help your members reduce their total training time and get better results. This system has been designed and successfully implemented for both men and women, including youth as well as mature adults.


A Less Expensive Alternative to Current Health & Fitness Club Franchises

If you have been researching franchise opportunities for the health and fitness market, you know the cost can be prohibitive for many start-up entrepreneurs. However, the G.S. 20 Express Workout™ has been priced to put to offer an entry-level opportunity for those who cannot afford the more expensive franchise opportunities.


Easy to Set-Up & to Use

You will receive complete support to select, configure and maintain an express workout system that will make it easy for you to offer your members time-efficient and results-oriented high-intensity workouts.


On-Going Support

Ongoing support for your system is available, with one-on-one consulting.


Give People A Reason to Join Your Club & to Keep Coming Back

Client retention is big problem in the health and fitness club business. People join clubs to get results. And people are busy and do not have a lot of time. You can help them train right and not waste their time and get those results they are seeking by using the G.S. 20 Express Workout™ system.